Want to become a model

Ok! so you have the thrust to become model. Fine then i will help you out. Let me explain how it works.

Become Model:

First i will do a interview with you. Once i feel that the you are not just beating the time around and becoming a model in your dream and satisfied with you, then we will work together.

After interview we will get down for portfolio shoot. and later i will teach you about acting and presenting.

Then we will together find the correct opportunity for you. It might take time, But we will find the best one. Finding an opportunity is an art, it takes time but gives you an perfect launch pad. More over getting prepared for the is what we will be learning from me.

There are few tips for you.

  • Understanding
  • Grooming
  • Changing
  • Learning
  • Presenting

Before getting into it, understand the industry well. There are ups and downs everywhere. If someone rejects you, just relax there is someone else to give you the chance.  Never give up.

Groom yourself well, both mentally and physically. Because your an character of a director and he never wants his character to be miss led.

Learn to change yourself. Behind the camera you can be what you are, but before camera you should forget what you were.

Next very important part is learning to act. Let it be a Advertisement or an serial or an movie, acting in the base. So learn it to the perfection, rest the director will take care.

Always wear a smile, present yourself to other in a such a manner that they should think twice before saying no to you.

Now if you want me to be your guide to the industry and your dream, better think twice and then contact me.

Vinoth Kumar.

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